Our History

The dream of Lakeside initiated with Todd Gentry.  With time, this dream grew and spread as it was shared with others.  God laid a burden on the hearts of these church planters.  The dream was prayed about, and several families committed to plant the new church.  These 32 people met together for three months to pray, study, give and plan.  On January 12, 1997, the first assembly was held @ Boren Elementary School in Mansfield.  It was the first church to meet in a MISD facility. 

Lakeside continued to dream.  The church built and occupied its first building in 1999.  The church is currently debt free.  Lakeside has gone on to plant other churches and continues to further the kingdom of God in a variety of ways.

Ground Breaking

These are children from the ground breaking on the current property.  It is amazing who they have become.  We prayed for them to be leaders, followers, ministers and disciples. God has been faithful and answered our prayers.

Small Groups

We are a small group church.  They are the place where we share, struggle, challenge, disciple and belong.


The ultimate sacrifice of love by Jesus' death on the cross demands our attention.  Out of our gratitude, we want to serve God.  We believe that being part of a church family requires the following:

  • God wants a personal relationship with everyone.  We expect our congregants to grow spiritually toward maturity as disciples.  That they will be involved in a relationship with God.
  • God wants his people together as a community.  The expectation in our church is to be present and involved, including smaller groups.  This allows for community, spiritual growth, and accountability.
  • God wants us to tell people about him.  The message for God's good news is best heard from one heart to another.  Everyone needs to give witness to what God has done in their life. Discipleship requires everyone's participation.
  • God wants us to give sacrificially, as He has given to us.  This is giving of ourselves, our time, our money, our talents and resources to be used in ministry.  This helps us continue to make a difference in our community for God.