Our Shepherds

Ken Ellis


Ken and Danielle have been a part of the Lakeside church family since the very beginning.  They have given sacrificially with their time, talents and recourses.  Danielle is a gifted bible class teacher and serves in our Little Hearts School ministry since it began in 2,000.  They have served in various roles and ministries over the years.  They have three grown children, Sam, David and Sophie and 6 grandchildren. 

Ken has been a shepherd at Lakeside for over 3 years.

Cornell Williams


Cornell & Vivian Williams have been part of the Lakeside family over 15 years.  They are retired from Ford Motors but continue to be Entrepreneurs. Cornell and Vivian have a heart for the body of Christ that meets here. They serve where they are needed.  Vivian helps coordinate our ladies ministry.   They have 2 grown adult children, Jonathan and Krysten.

Cornell has been a shepherd at Lakeside for over 3 years.